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Welcome, to the "Offical Y2K Resource Page". Here you'll be able to find everything you'll want to know about the year 2000 bug. As you scroll down(or follow the links just below) you'll be able to find links to the best Y2K homepages. They are all put into categories, so it's pretty easy to find what you want.


Click the link for the type of links you want to see:

Info About the Y2K Bug/ Reports on the Y2K Bug/ Prepare Yourseld for 2000

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Y2K- The year 2000 computer problem

The year Y2K bug

Y2K information

Y2K Information

Y2K: The source for info on year 2000 and technology

Action 2000 - Millennium Bug

Y2K is Real. Here are the facts, authorities, and stories.

Articles and Information

Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem
Yahoo! Full Coverage - Year 2000 Problem
Problems, Millennium Bug in Y2K CBN News - Y2K Special Report

World Future Society's Y2K Site

Y2K News Magazine - Magazine for the Year 2000 Millennium Bug Problem

Y2K Today

Y2K OnLine - Get a Grip on Y2K

Year/2000 Journal - The Magazine dedicated to the Y2K century date problem.


Preparing For The Year 2000 CRASH

Y2KChaos The Y2K Survival Site

2000 and You! - Y2K Crisis info disaster preparedness and survival

Year 2000 Problem: Impacts and Actions

Prepare for 2000

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You are the person that will be effected by the Y2K bug!